What game should I play on Twitch to grow my channel?

TwitchLens is a web app that helps you quickly see how highly you would rank (by viewer count) for many games on Twitch. The higher you rank the more likely you will be found by new people!

  1. Type in your expected viewer count in the textbox below.
  2. Let the table populate (usually takes 2 seconds.)
  3. Choose a popular game that you would currently have a high ranking with (ideally you would be between 1 and 5.)
  4. Stream that game and enjoy!

Let's get started!

Your Results

Game Your Rank Top streamer by viewer count #3 streamer by viewer count #5 streamer by viewer count #10 streamer by viewer count

Table Legend

You should Description
Play this game! The game is one of the top 100 on Twitch, and you'd still rank in the top 5 streamers!
Consider avoiding this game. Either you'd rank poorly for this game or this game isn't popular right now. You're better off playing something else.
Avoid this game! Either no one is watching this game, or there are too many streamers playing this game that are more popular than you.